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The platform group will determine chassis design and requirements. Because the chassis forms the physical base for all other systems, the chassis group will have to coordinate with all other groups. The chassis group should be informed of all changes to requirements as they arise. If any conflicts arise the project manager will arbitrate.

Competition Requirements and Specifications

  • Volumetric: must start and end within 2' (Width) x 2' (Depth) x 5' (Height)
  • Mass: less than 25 lbs
  • No internal combustion engine
  • Must not escape course

Design Specifications

  • 2 Wheel differential drive
  • Wheel axis intersects geometric center
  • Preferably laser-cut acrylic
  • include mounting locations for hardware


The design can be seen in OnShape here: Sno_Bot CAD Model

If you would like to edit the model, please get in touch with Rob Ressler

The design is based on the Turtlebot 1 & 2 by the Open Source Robotics Foundation. As the group behind the OSRF developed the Robot Operating System, there is some preference to differential drive robots in the navigation stack.


[x] Design basic geometry around MD25 motor controller and motors
[ ] Analyze structure for stresses and deflections
[ ] Manufacture base components