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2016 Group Project

Welcome to our Project site for the SCRC 2016 Indoor Robot-Magellan competition robot.

Folks-- this is a wiki-- It belongs to ALL of us, and anyone of us is free to edit this page, and encouraged to do so!!! The idea is to SHARE INFORMATION. If you have found some new info, please add it to this page (or if complex, add a new page). I you see something wrong on this page-- fix it! This is our base of shared knowledge, so everyone should should want to make it correct. As Red Green says, "We're in this thing together!"

We will discuss this project at the end of the monthly robotics club meeting but other meetings are encouraged including individual team meetings; contact a member for access to the makerspace if you want to use the space for your meeting.

Follow our project on the SnoCo Robotics Google Group

The software repository for this project is here

Robot Build Team

Project Members:

Bill Adcock (project lead)
Warren Davis
Chas Ihler
Brian Medendorp
Don Zagorski 

* if you want to be a project member please edit this entry and insert your name above in alphabetical order by last name. (Just be sure to insert a space at the front of your name line)


December 8th 2015 revision of the Seattle Robotics Society (SRS) Pop Can Challenge Rules

Seattle Robotics Society Popcan Challenge Contest Page (with current rules)


Task list:

  • Stub out the basic software structure.
  • Upgrade robot base's controller.
  • Add sensors to robot base, and have robot controller send those measurements to the laptop. See Hardware interface page for protocol definition.
  • Add Whiskers as backup to distance sensor.
  • Implement sensor to detect where the pop can is, so gripper can be positioned.
  • Implement arm controller board to control motors and limit switches.
  • Add wiki page specifying laptop weight and dimensions. (Don Z needs the laptop weight to make sure we don't go over the 25 pound limit. Jordan needs the laptop dimensions to make sure the base platform is large enough and that there is a surface to mount the laptop to.) Does the laptop need to be openable?
  • Provide robot base to programming team so they can test their code against hardware.
  • Do the aft right & left sensors need to be the same distance behind the drive wheels as the forward right & left sensors are forward? (Currently there is 9" of base in front of the drive wheels and only 3.25" behind.

STAND BY -- Info from the 7/2/14 robotics meeting is being processed. Expect an update tomorrow.