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Welcome to the Snohomish County Robotics Club (SCRC)

We are a group of local enthusiasts looking to learn and assist each other. All skill levels welcomed; novice, youth, robothon-champion-of-the-universe... anyone with interest. If you're not local you can still be a member! How? you ask? Join in the discussion, and assist in growth the wiki, projects coordination can be done via the wiki (coding, etc).

Want to contribute to this wiki? First, Sign-Up, this will allow you to edit the pages (or create new). Second, read: a help file which will help you with the Wiki "language", it's pretty easy and you can look at what others did to catch up in no time.

Group Projects

2016/17 Group project: Project:Indoor Robo-Magellan (SRS Pop Can Challenge) Competition Robot

2017 Group project: Building your First Robot

2018 Group project: Building your First Robot v2

Ongoing: Modular Robot Platform

We are interested in your group project desires: please take this survey. You can see the results from this survey here.


Our meetings are almost always the first Saturday of the Month at 10 AM, scheduled on SnoCo Makers Meetup. Please RSVP on the meetup event page as a courtesy. There is no cost for membership in this group or to attend our meetings.

Meeting Format:

  1. Presentation (if any)
  2. Show-N-Tell (if any)
  3. Discussion/Mentoring/Q&A (project or Other)
  4. Technical presentation (on occasion)

More info--

Learning Resources


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Servo Motors
Stepper Motors

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